Friday, February 15, 2008

3 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Did you ever wonder how some of the blogs get so popular, with millions of reader visiting them monthly? Did they started to have so many readers from day one? How do they attract such a hugh number of readers?

Well, one word: Promotion.
Nowadays, without promotion, it is almost impossible to get any readers to visit your blog at all. Nobody will know your blog exist if there is no promotion. So, in order to attract reader, there must be some kind of promotion.

It is not necessary mean that you need to spend money for promotion. There are various other ways that you can do to attract readers.

I have listed the following 3 simple ways for you:-

  1. List your blog into Blogs Directory

    There are many free blogs directory on the internet. Check them out and joined them. This is the most simple way to start your blog promotion. This way might not attract many readers but at least there might be some click through at some stage.

  2. Join Forum

    Now, many bloggers joined forum and posted actively. This is because most forums allow you to add your blog url into the post. If you post actively, many people will click through to your site if your post interest them.

  3. Comment On Blogs

    Start commenting on other blogs. It not only helps you to build up some relationship with other blogs owner, it will also help you to get your url out there. This wasy will definitely help you to reach some readers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Keep Your Weight In Control

Are you overweight and looking into how to lose weight fast? Are you considering to purchase some weight control pills? Now, if you are, take note that it is not advisable to depend heavily on weight loss pills. In a long run, it is better if you can control through diets and exercise.

One way to reduce your weight is actually through your diet. You need to identify what you eat, is it healthy and if the quantity you take exceed what your body can take. Some people wanted to reduce their weight fast and so they cut down their diet substantially, it is also not advisable. It will be good that cutting down on food is done gradually or else, it might affect your health.

Beside controlling the intake of food through proper diet, it is good that you also reduce the amount of sweet stuff, thing like coke, candy, chocolate, fast food and junk food. Many people don't know that regular consumption of these food will actually affect your health and weight. The calories level contains in these food is pretty high and cutting down on them will help you to control your weight also.

Another way to control your weight is through regular exercise. Now, if you expect to see a immediate result of losing weight through exercise is not possible. Exercise won't help you to lose weight fast. It is a longer process, but, the immediate effect on you is that you will actually feel healthier when you started your exercise regularly. Exercise is important in keeping your weight in control because it help to burn calories in your body. By doing so, your body will absorbs lesser calories and that why you can lose weight in long run.

If you yet to start exercise, do take note that don't exert yourself too much in the beginning. You might want to consider starting with maybe 15 minutes and slowly increasing the time for the next week as your body started to get used to it. It is because when you started exercise, over exert yourself will actually cause injury as your body might not get used to it.

So, if you want to keep your weight in control and remains healthy, exercise and proper diet is the ways to go.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine Day Ecards

With the valentine day just around the corner, have you wonder what to send to your lover?

In the earlier days of internet, there was not many ecards site around. Those that exist, if you ever try before, their ecards were low in quality and poorly designed. If compared to a traditional greeting cards, it is really fared poorly.

Now, as technology evolved, it is a different situation now. There are many websites that comes out with unique and fun ecards. Animated ecards is pretty normal now. The quality is also better and it provides a true interactive experience compared to a traditional greeting cards.

So, if you are still thinking over whether to send a traditional valentine day card to your loved one, why not consider a ecard?